Transform your workspace management

Rendezvous, the ideal solution for modern workspaces

Developed by NFS Technology, Rendezvous is the complete solution for managing and making full use of space. It's an integrated platform for managing offices, meeting rooms, video conferences, visitors and much more.

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The benefits of RendezVous

RendezVous lets you create productive, safe and collaborative workspaces.
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Meeting room reservations

Rendezvous is a leading meeting room reservation software. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, users can book meetings, catering, audiovisual services and parking in just a few clicks.

Integration with Outlook/Exchange and Office 365 ensures that everyone is kept up to date automatically. As we live in a hybrid world, with our mobile-first approach, employees can book a room in moments, wherever they are - ideal for employees on the move. Of course, all bookings are automatically updated in Outlook for organizers, service providers and participants.

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Office space reservation

Thanks to an easy-to-use mobile app and floor plan-based booking, users can locate and reserve their desks in less than a minute.

Rendezvous doesn't just reserve office space. Features such as colleague search enable employees to work efficiently and collaboratively. Employees can see at a glance whether their colleagues are available, book a nearby office and plan their day with ease.

Our new employee portal makes it easy for managers to reserve office space for their teams - a huge time-saver and a great way to build team spirit!

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Ideal for videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is a key element of the modern hybrid work environment. With Rendezvous, you can enjoy an enhanced videoconferencing experience, as the solution works with Teams, Zoom and Webex.

You can effortlessly organize meetings across multiple locations and time zones with complete agenda management. Meeting start and end times are managed by the integrated solution, so organizers can rest assured that meetings always start and end on time.

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Open API platform

Thanks to an open API, Rendezvous becomes a key element in your technological toolbox. Rendezvous integrates with :

  • Sensor technology
  • Videoconferencing
  • Office panels
  • QR Codes
  • RFID cards
  • Beacon technology
  • Digital signage
  • Visitor management software
  • Access control systems
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