Imagination becomes reality

The new LG 55'' OLED Transparent monitor

LG's new transparent OLED technology puts the screen and your communication in the centre of attention, blending in perfectly with its surroundings.

With bright, clear colours and high transparency, this display provides accurate information about the objects behind it. Visual improvements, giving viewers an impressive "wow" effect!

Modular design and custom integration

The screen is designed as a semi-assembled screen that allows you to install it in a variety of ways to fit existing structures and spaces. Available in stand-alone mode as well as wall or ceiling mounted.

The screens can also be assembled in a mosaic to create an immersive display, for example in front of large windows. There is no limit to the applications of transparent OLED signage, it adapts to the location in which it is installed.

Above is the LG Signature product launch, in April 2021 at a showroom in Zurich. The OLED screen unfolds from its storage stand!

We have installed a screen in our premises and invite you to come and see the transparent effect and discuss the integration of the product into your project. Our technical and commercial team is available for a demonstration.

Experience LED at LG in Frankfurt

Discover the LED Experience Center with Lemanvisio

Innovative support for retailers

Every detail of your product comes to life on our transparent screen

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