Video conferencing solutions

Video collaboration and remote communication

The way we work and the way we meet is changing. Today, meetings are much more collaborative and no longer take place in one place.

Our video collaboration solutions fit any size workspace, taking into account your technical environment and communication tools. We help teams collaborate and share content remotely using advanced conferencing and presentation technologies.


1. Simplicity and versatility

The use of dedicated peripherals allows for an enhanced video conferencing experience from a laptop. The videoconferencing bar is installed under the monitor in the room and is connected with an HDMI and USB cable to the laptop that hosts the videoconferencing solution.

This system is suitable for small rooms, keeping the employee's experience perfectly identical to their workstation and the versatility of the solution used from their laptop.


2. Simplicity and versatility with wireless connection

In order to free the room from HDMI and USB cables between the employee's computer and the devices mentioned below, we offer wireless systems that connect between the video conferencing device and the employee's laptop.

The leader in this field offers a button system that plugs into the computer's USB port or is deployed as software only on the laptop, there are also players with software only solutions.

3. Room system / Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms

For rooms of 7 to 10 people or more it is recommended to use a room setup, i.e. the devices, seen above, directly host the video conferencing software, usually Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Indeed, these devices are declared on your network with a specific room licence, which integrates additional functionalities to the classic user licence.

These facilities incorporate a dedicated control panel that displays the video conferencing interface. The room is completely independent for making calls, the employee uses his laptop to present his content only.

Interoperability of rooms :

The development of cloud solutions has made it much easier to integrate videoconferencing into the corporate environment. Our customers need to determine what type of environment to deploy in their rooms. The integrator is there to assist you in the implementation of interoperable solutions such as One Touch Button


Some market players have built their reputation on data security by placing great emphasis on usability and ease of use, including solutions that assure customers that their data will be processed in accordance with data protection regulations in their own jurisdiction

Creating better working experiences

Video collaboration technologies require knowledge, experience and vision. We can help you create intelligent, dynamic and connected visual collaboration environments, where all systems and devices are integrated to automate and control audio, visual and environmental parameters.

You need standardised, simplified, scalable and usable audio-visual and unified communication solutions to keep staff engaged and running smoothly, scalable and usable to keep staff engaged and functioning at their best. We help teams collaborate and share content remotely using advanced conferencing and presentation technologies.

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