NEC Infinity Board

Your all-in-one collaboration solution

Businesses are striving to optimise employee productivity and foster better working practices between teams, both on-site and remote.

The adoption of new tools such as whiteboard drawing, wireless sharing and collaborative document editing is increasing, provided that the tools are standardised, and behave in the same way as the employee's existing environment.

Designed to meet these new needs simply and effectively, the NEC Infinity Board, with its ultra-high resolution display, 120° Huddly camera, high quality speakers and PC slot-in for Microsoft Windows 10, is a powerful and scalable solution.

The ideal solution for all areas

  • Available in 65'' or 84'' UHD "pixel-free" screen
  • FlatFrog InGlass ™ touch technology
  • Video conferencing with integrated camera and speakers
  • Windows 10 modular PC slot-in
  • Huddly camera with 120° viewing angle
  • Mosaic Hub solution with user-friendly collaborative workspace
  • With interactive whiteboard and video conferencing

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    Open up your boundaries with Infinity Board, and enjoy endless collaboration.


    Discover the power of persuasion with an effective tool at your fingertips

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